Friday, January 19, 2007

Just A Quicky

Things happening that aren't ...well, nutty.

So I'll make this brief. Thanks to all who sent well wishes to me regarding Uncle Red. The viewing was really hard for me. I didn't stay more than 5 minutes and couldn't take the funeral. I ran out and cried in my truck for a while. Then came back to work to work off the grief.

I forgot to mention that William's party was fun. The kids did great and he got some fun gifts. I took photos and will have to remember to post a few next week.

My DJ friend Jeff has been sick this week. Get well, DJ JD...we miss you.

Been chatting with the lovely Jo some this week. I've missed my friend and it's been nice to laugh with her.

Before I forget...hope all have a great weekend. Go BEARS!

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tooners said...

i'm also terrible w/ funerals. like you, i can't take them. the last one i went to was years ago - for my aunt. i could only go into the viewing room one time and then cried my eyes out. i hope your heart ache eases soon, and may your family's pain be eased and filled w/ happiness. God speed to you.