Friday, January 05, 2007

The Holidays

I know I haven't written much about them. So I'll take a moment to write a little more. Granny stayed almost a week. She did great. There's a difference in her but at most times, she was still Granny--just at tad bit quieter. Once you got her interested in a topic, she warmed up.

The nephews got way too much. I'm to blame as well as Mom and Lisa. But I could do it this year and they deserve it.

The studio did okay over the holidays. We can tell that the digital era is hurting us a little. Not as many people came in this year for photo sessions, but I did get an overflow of photo retouching and restorations--in fact, it's still floating in. Everyone who comes in says, "Someone told me about you..." Which is awesome. After 17 years, my name is strong in this county and a few of the surrounding ones. I've begun to break into Fayetteville and it looks good on that end. I'm blessed with talent and thank God nightly for it.

The Japanese Ink Brush kit is great. I did a few pieces last week and once I get a chance I'll probably take some photos. Next year I think I'll give some as Christmas presents.

I've gotten lazy with my writing. I think of blog topics and write them in my head but when I pull up the site, I feel that it's too much of an effort to write. So I need to make an attempt, even if it's a shorty, or I'll lose my writing touch.

And touch is what gets us through the day. ;)

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