Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm cold. We've got cold rain and I tell ya...this old building isn't built for warmth. The ceilings are at least 20 feet. I bet if I got a ladder and stood on the top of it, I would feel where all the heat has gone.

Had an ok weekend. My Bears won. I had given up on the Colt/Patriots game at the 2nd quarter and changed the channel over to HBO and watched the latest Rome episode. After it was over, I switched to something else and I heard my brother John say, "Hey the Colts have come back." (He had been on the PC goofing off). SO I watched the last 2 minutes and watched the Colts win. Little Manning had his head down, afraid to watch. But when the Colt interception occurred, he looked happy. I think of all the people I know who follow the NFL (I'm talking in Real Life here), I'm the only Bears fan(CORRECTION: my DJ friend Jeff is too). One of my friends told me that she and her boyfriend are hoping the Colts win because Peyton Manning makes funny television commericals. I can't help but think, "yeah, I dig him in his bad wig and fake moustache, trying to coax us into buying a new Cell phone." Yes, that's a good reason to pull for a team.

Something came up and I didn't get to see Al this weekend. We both realized how much we've come to rely on the weekend--how we look forward to the moment that I arrive and he pulls me into his arms.... I feel as if I didn't have a real weekend. The reason I didn't go is that my cousin Lee gave my truck a tune-up. I believe he's on permenant football time. What should take a couple of hours to do took 2 days. I'm no complaining...he saved me a couple of hundred bucks...

Ben lost his first tooth this past Friday morning. It was a little loose when he woke up and when he realized this, he began to work it with his tongue, fingers until he had it so loose that Lisa pulled it so he wouldn't end up swallowing it. He did this within a two hour period. I swear that kid is part bull-dog. It's just one of the many differences between Ben and William. Ben couldn't leave it alone until it came out and William won't touch his loose teeth, he let's them hang by a thread until they fall out.

I remember the first tooth I lost. I was at my Great-Grandmother Kinlaw's house. I showed it to her and she jerked it out before I knew what she was doing. It bled a little but I didn't cry. I was about 5 or maybe 6. I don't remember the other teeth. I guess they came out ok. LOL.. at least I don't still have them.

For those of you who message me on yahoo messenger. It's been colliding with my photo program today... when it's logged in, the program won't work. And we all know which is more important. So...if you don't see me and think I might be online, send an email...and if I can, I'll pop on for a chat.

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