Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eyes, Tea and the happy Dance.

My Opthalmalogist visit was a good one. My angle closure is staying put so there's no surgery slated for this year. Who knows about next year? My Doctor had me look at several videos about the procedure, etc. Then she looked into my eyes with a high-tech lens and ...whammy... she promptly did a double-take. And said in an amazed voice, "Sherrie, your angles have closed only a slight degree, if at all. I really thought we would have to do surgery."

She removed the bothersome lens away and sat staring at me. I blinked, thinking..."Cool." Then she said, "You eyes amaze me. When I thought you had glaucoma, they proved me wrong. And now, they're testing me again. I'm happy that you don't have to have surgery--surprised but happy."

Hell Doc...ME too! We should have both gotten up and did the happy dance.

Now ... I have to give up my morning coffee or at least not have it every morning. The Goddess of Java Beans is not HAPPY. She will come down from her lofty bean hill and smite me. But wait..I have mocha flavored lip gloss, suddenly things are looking up.

My mornings will consist of green tea...and herbal tea, starting today with peach flavored. It's different...not what I truly want but it's better for ocular hypertension. Eyes are important...they see what they want of the world around me and on occasion look inward. SO if it must be green tea or herbal be it.

But I will say this... paying homage to the Goddess of Tea Bags...doesn't sound quite right. LOL

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John said...

no, the words 'goddess' and 'bags' just don't sound right in the same sentence