Wednesday, October 29, 2008

November is National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month begins Saturday. I was going to write a children's book but opted out on the idea because this thing that's grown in leaps and bounds between me and Tz needs to be told. Never has anyone changed my outlook on life and love in so short a time. Our paths have crossed for a reason and like he says, "I don't know why we're here together but we have to follow it." Never has any man given me so much encouragement and believed so deeply in who I am and strives to provide what I need on all aspects of my being.

We became reaquainted while I was looking for classmates for the reunion back in early Sept. He sent me an email, informing me he might not make the reunion and to share his photos. I replied that I hope he makes it and that he still looked handsome (which was true compared to some of our classmates who hadn't aged that well.) He replied with "I see you've got your flirt on." And things went from there. Below is one of the first emails he sent about all the health issues he's dealt and is dealing with.

Just to give you a summary in a nutshell of my health issues I've dealt with in the past few years....diabetes, dialysis, kidney transplant, amputation of toes on right foot, amputation (below the knee) of left leg, lymphoma cancer survivor, and most recently (in Feb.) I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colo-rectal cancer. I am currently doing chemo with radiation to follow in about 2 1/2 months. I will do the radiation DAILY for 5 weeks... Take a deep breath as you absorb this info. The pics I sent you were of me AFTER all of this, so I'm still handsome & probably the most positive person you'll ever meet! I have to be in order to have survived this! God has me here for a reason I've yet to discover...

I was married from '96 until '06 to a wonderful woman whom I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with, but she suddenly wanted to re-live her 20's, so she left me.... Marriage is meant to be a "one time" thing, so I'm done with it now! LOL. Never say never huh? I've learned from it, grown from it, & no longer see it as the burden it once was on my emotions. I'm happy now & live each day as if it were my last....well, as much as I can while doing the chemo. Ya know, that stuff is pure poison!
Now you know more about me than most...share as you wish with others who ask. I do the same as a way to provide God's gift to me of inspiration!

He is fighting MRSA (the super bug) at this moment. He had it once years ago and I guess it still lies dormant in his body. This time the chemo he's taking caused it to appear again. He's very sick and weak. Yet fighting so hard to get better. His thirst for living is contagious. I refuse to think any bad thoughts and keep saying prayers that he'll get over this soon and get stronger so he can go through radiation and get it behind him. I called last night to check on him and we talked about how he was feeling. I could tell he was exhausted just from the conversation we were having but before I could say that he should rest, he said "How was your day, Baby?" His voice purred out the baby part and he sincerely wanted to know and wouldn't hang up until I gave him a brief summary. When I said goodnight and that I would talk to him tomorrow, he said, "I surely hope so, Sherrie. I want that so much."

Our future is uncertain but I won't let that stop me from taking the moments together and savoring them...running in the wind with no worries, other than the moment at hand. As controlling as I like to be about my relationships and where they are headed...this is new to me and whatever the end product is, I'm happy to have/had it!


John said...

My prayers are with both of you. I've known you for years, Shere, and I've never heard you this excited or happy in a relationship.

Painter Lady said...

Thanks J... if anyone knows me, you do!