Monday, October 27, 2008

the Sun and other celestial thingies

I have no idea what happened to the sun! It was hanging out with me this morning and I just looked out the door at work's gray out! Maybe it ran away with the fork...since the moon ran away with the spoon.

My weekend wasn't bad. I had to work late Saturday. One of my clients came in with her daughter whose name is Etta. They call her "Et." I said, "Wow, I can have some fun with your name... 'Hey Et, have you et yet?"

She thought for a moment and said, "Yes... I have."

Her mom said, "Et, Miss Sherrie likes to pick on people. It usually takes me awhile before I realize she's just made a joke. So you best watch 'er."

It was fun...their visit. Et left some work for me to do for Xmas. But their late visit put me behind schedule and I didn't get to Al's house until after 6 pm. He and I had a long talk the other night, about spending quality time together. When he got in after 8:30, I was shocked that he didn't turn on the TV. We chatted about things going on...ate supper and discussed what to do the next day for my birthday. At around 10:30 pm, he turned on the TV and zoned out. I wasn't surprised... in fact I was a bit shocked he lasted 2 hours in the convo department.

Sunday was lovely day...lots of sunshine. After church, Al and I got out to experience my "Sherrie Day." He stopped at the gas station first. While he pumped up I listened to "Midnight Train to Georgia." It occurred to me that everyone should have some Pips for a day following them around. When Al returned, I said, "Al...wouldn't it be cool if everyone had their own "Pips" for a day. Everything you did they would sing about. I wouldn't mind it one bit. I can hear it now.

Me paying for gas: 'I would like twenty bucks worth of gas.'

The Pips sing: "Oh she's got gas Woo Hoo."

Or me at Walmart in the produce department. The Pips singing about my every move: 'She's fondling...the Walmart.. ..Oh Walmart."

'Course after a couple of hours I would be ready to send them to Georgia."

Al laughed in a surprised kinda way. I think he's not sure how to relate to the humor I find in every day settings. Maybe because we spend so little time with each other...that he forgets I'm silly.

So...Al took me to lunch at Red Robin. I had another huge Killian's Red beer! And did I buzz away... we sat at a table by the wall and at one point I noticed that a huge carousel horse was on the window ledge beside us. I pointed at it and said, "Al... you're sitting under a horse's ass!" He didn't find that funny...don't know had stars painted on the saddle.

So we're sitting there...waiting for our fondling my big mug of beer and Al goes into his business venture(s) talk. I sighed. Even when I tried to change the subject he would return it back to his topic. I zoned out. Behind him sat a guy with a huge nose. It was the kind of nose that would intrigue any me. I couldn't stop looking at it. My eyes glazed over as I stared and I began to draw it on an imaginary canvas. Sadly my ears didn't glaze and most of Al's talk sunk in... along with my big beer.

We ended up at Barnes & Noble. Al needed to pick up a birthday present for his father and I was secretly thrilled. When Al has to takes hours for him to find something. This time it didn't take long..only 2 hours. I had time to read excerpts of some of my favorite books. We got home at around 6 and I took a short nap because the beer made me drowsy.

After I woke up, we had a big debate about dinner... in between Al's discussion of his future business ventures. We ended up calling in an order for Asian food. On the way there, I thought my head would explode because he began discussing another venture. I tried to find the moon but it was either hiding or having sex with the spoon... so I couldn't zone out like I had before and this time he kept asking my opinion and wouldn't give up until I gave it ...which wasn't the opinion he wanted to hear...

and when I said I was burned out on talking about all this business stuff, he blew up, citing that it was me who wanted more intimacy!!!! It was me who wanted him to share things with me and hold my hand. I don't cry often but I did this last night because I was so frustrated with him. He doesn't understand what true intimacy and sharing are... that business talk is not intimate...I realized just how far apart we really are...

There are times when he says things without thinking and last night was one of those times... instead of saying I'm sorry for all he said and for making me cry, he made polite small talk as we ate. I joined in and we got over that bump.

When we finally went to bed, he asked if I had a good day. I said I did...except for the bump--it was a nice day.

And I'm truly beginning to think that if there's a fork in the road, I should pick it up.

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