Monday, June 11, 2007

Yard Sale

My yard sale went well. Made about $200. Sold 3/4 of my junk. I met some nice people who live close to Al. He had to work but helped me get everything out and in front of the garage.

My brother gave me all his heavy metal cassettes to sell. (He's transferring his collection into CDs) 4 cassette holders of them--which hold about 80 cassettes each. I put them behind my chair because most of the yard sale birds were ladies over 50 and old retired men. I knew none of them would want any metal. I'm pretty sure they would have given the cassettes the evil eye like they did my tarot stuff. One lady wouldn't touch anything on the book table because I had some tarot books on it.

Anyway, it was around noon and I was tired. Almost ready to give it up, when 3 cars drove up and everyone piled over to the tables to look at my junk...hoping to find a treasure. I was talking to an elderly lady about garden tools (she was searching yard sales for some. I had none) when I heard two guys crumbling that none of the yard sales had 'manly stuff.' One of the women with them said, "if you did find manly can't buy it. You hardly have any money."

SO I look over and...I see Baseball caps (The Atlanta Braves) covering badly cut mullets. T-shirts that read "AC/DC" and "Oz Feast". Metal Heads. So I said, "Hey dudes, look behind the Carolina chair." They rushed over and immediately I heard the case drawers being opened and joyous cries of "On Man, Black Sabbath...the whole collection" "Dude, Y&T.... All their cassettes..." and so on.

I turned to help a lady bag her purchases (she bought all my worn out bedroom I was going to turn them out and I'm glad I didn't) when I felt a touch on my arm. The guys were standing there, looking hopeful and holding out their hands. In them were crumpled dollar bills and every coin imaginable. The AC/DC guy said, "How much for the whole collection?" You know, they were so hopeful. I said, "Whatever you got in your hands." They pushed the money into mine and took off with glee.

After they left, I counted it. $8.89. lol... long live metal....cassettes.

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Bob said...

Yes, Long live metal... *raises devil horns into the air* :D