Thursday, June 07, 2007


I've been talked into organizing our HS class reunion. Last year was 25 years, but we didn't have one. I don't have time to get it organized for this year, so I'm going to start working on our rooster next month. Maybe I'll create a myspace site for our class... something to consider since so many people are on myspace. Plus there's and I'm a member there.

Some people have offered to help... we'll see if they follow through. I'm going to do all the major decisions. Because no matter what goes right or wrong, I'll get blamed for it. And if it's something I did, I don't mind...but if it's something someone else did, that's a different story. But what can you do... look at the President...he get's blamed for everything from the price of milk rising to the greenhouse effect. (yea.. I'm exaggerating..sue me.)

The last reunion was fun and we had about a fourth of our class there. This reunion I want to pull in at least 50% if not more...

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