Friday, June 01, 2007

Hello June

What the heck happened to May?

Well, things are slowly slowing down. School is out this coming Wednesday, and we'll have all our school photos out by then. I've slowed down some in the restoration department. I've got enough to keep me steadily busy. To be honest, I hate working on quick deadlines when really bad photos need restoring. I feel as if I don't do the work justice.

Things with Al are really good. I found some old journals I kept back in 1998-2000. This was the era of our bad break-up and the fallout from it. I wept after reading some of it... alot of the entries were 'Al called last night. He was drunk and irate." Or "Al called a while ago. He was drunk and crying, begging me to get back together." I really believe that if you give love a chance to breathe and find it's proper place, it will reward you to the fullest. I can't say it's perfect between us, because he is a literal person and I'm not. I think in shades of gray, he sees only black and white. But we've created a balance that works for us. And I think I fall deeper in love with him every moment we spend together. He's made me cry in the past but he's made me laugh more in the present. If anyone appreciates that second chance at love, we do.

His birthday is June 11. He'll be 47. I guess I should start birthday shopping... hmmm Victoria's Secret seems like the perfect place to and No, Al doesn't wear ladies lingerie... though once he had on my sheer black nightgown as a goof... talk about funny... a man with a 'stache and hairy legs wearing a sheer nightgown... priceless.

Anyways, back to work... thanks for hanging in here, gang.

PS... K... email me your photos and I'll see if I can touch them up.. NO Charge for you.

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