Monday, June 04, 2007


We had some rough stormy weather Sat eve and yesterday. The street in front of Al's house flooded. His trash can was swimming in it. But as soon as the rain stopped, the street cleaned up. We stood on his porch, looking at the water. It looked like a mini river, whirlpooling around debris. Al described how the boy drowned in 2004, the one he tried to save. I could see how the kid didn't see the drainage canal. The rain water pools heavily in all the yards on the street. If you didn't know better, you would think it was a normal rain puddle.

It was a fun weekend. I actually drank too much wine and had a giddy buzz going on. Al pretended to take advantage of me...and I pretended to let him.

Yesterday I didn't feel so great...probably from the wine. So we hung out and did some house chores. Watched a few movies and played cards.

Going to have my yard sale this weekend. Got all the stuff I want to sale out of the studio. I still need to work on the attic and one closet. I'll do that tonight.

School's out on Wednesday. The nephews are really excited. I hope they don't get too bored over the summer. Saturday they had all their stuffed animals out on the couch. They played 'buy and sale'... which was sort of cute because Ben can't count money yet (they had play $$$) and William helped him. They took turns buying and selling. The last time they played "Pet Store"...Ben 'hired' William and when William got tired of playing he asked Ben to "Fire" him. Then later when he wanted to play some more, he re-applied for the position.

My workload is light this week. Thank heavens. Let's hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Didn't get to shop due to the rain. So I've got to go shopping this week for Al some stuff. And think of what kind of cake to bake for him. He requested a "pie" but I can't really write what kind...wink wink.

I talked to my friend Sam on Saturday. We've had hit and miss calls for the last few weeks. He left a message on my cell phone's voicemail that he would be working Sat and for me to call him, because he was spending the night at a haunted hotel. So... I called and he had some wild things to happen to him. We talked for over an hour...something we haven't done in ages. I realized after we hung up that I miss him a lot. He's become a good friend over the years. And can be a bit of a devil at times. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh well... there goes the phone... back to work.


John said...

So, you're selling your yard? How much you want for it?

Painter Lady said...

by the yard, J.