Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Summer is here alright.. temps are in the mid 90's. Countdown to the end of school is... 3 days away. I've had teens swarming around, picking up prom photos. I think some of them have forgotten how to say "Thank you" or "You're welcome." It reminds me of that movie "take the lead" with Antonio Banderas--the movie where he teaches ballroom dancing to deliquent teens. They were lacking manners when he began and at the end, they were graceful and elegant, etc...all because of ballroom dancing. Maybe some of the kids should take this up at our local High Schools.

I went into the attic last night and found 5 bags of clothes I forgot I had put up there: Summer dresses, shoes, shorts and tops. Plus some houseware stuff. I had the most fun going through them. Some of it is going on the yard sale, but not all. I feel as if I went shopping. I'll send tonight washing and drying this stuff...so I can wear it.

Placed an ad in the Fayetteville paper for the yard sale. It will run 3 days and it puts me $27.50 in the hole. Let's hope I make it up!!!!!

I have a confession to make... I'm addicted to Suduko puzzles! I can't sleep until I do at least two. I've completed 2 books and am working on a book of 400! William keeps asking me how to spell it, even as he looks at the cover of the book. I wondered why he was doing this, and decided to misspell it on purpose. His look of triumph as he corrected me told me why...he's been hoping I'll screw up so he can be King Spelling Bee guy. Kids!

Haven't done squat today.... due to having to give out pictures to the teens. Maybe sometime tomorrow I'll get a chance to finish the Summer issue of my mag... let's hope so. I know my adoring fans are waiting. haha

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