Monday, March 02, 2009

March is here

Brrrr it's cold in the studio today. I'm sipping some yummy hot coffee... and trying to figure out a way to work and sleep at the same time. I ended up at Al's Friday night, He called Thurs evening, asking me to drive up and take care of him. His left foot was swollen and hurting. He didn't know if it was tendonities or an old stress fracture that he had awoken somehow. I couldn't. I was in the middle of washing clothes and other thingies. But I promised I would drive up Friday night. Course the nephews weren't happy but I can't make everyone's world all rosy and cozy.

Al's foot was pretty bad. It was swollen and I made him put it up. He wanted to soak it in hot water with espison salt. I said no. He actually listened and laid on the couch with it up on two pillows. The next morning it was a little better. He only had to use one crutch. And by that night, he was walking un-aided. It was much better yesterday.

I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Cooked. Napped on the couch and watched The Lord of the Rings Movies. Napped. Played with the cat. Napped. Did sweep the floors. And drank Slippery Dicks all weekend. Look it up. It's a drink.

Met M for Breakfast at McD's Saturday morning. We spent 2 hours talking about all sorts of things like men and sex. I'll just say this. I thought I was a freak but she's 60 degrees higher on the Freak-ometer. I'll just say this...she's got a Zorro mask, whip and leather boots. Get the picture? She's an avenger of bad orgasms. I'm more of a witchy woman...conjurer of sexual magnetism and bewitchment.

Didn't sleep that great at Al's house Fri & Sat nights but last night...I slept like a baby. If Al tossed and turned I didn't notice. Probably slept so deep due to not getting much sleep all weekend. Cat naps don't count, ya know.

I spent some time looking over all the short stories I've written. There's a hodge podge of them. Some scary, many erotic and some are 'southern belle-esque.' I think I'm gonna concentrate on the scary/thriller ones for the collection. I'll have to come up with a title for the collection. Editing the short stories won't be a major problem. Hell..they're short!

There was snow on the ground at Al's house this morning. And there was a fine mist of snow falling when I left. The wind was howling like a lost baby in the cold. I wasn't sure that I wanted to go out in it...maybe something dangerous waited for me. Hmmm.. this sounds like the beginning of a spooky story... maybe I should save it.

But seriously, it was cold and still is. From the looks of it Lumberton got very little if any snow. I didn't see a flake anywhere when I got in this morning.

On a different note, Teez has been gone for 4 months now. Strange how it seems like he was just here yesterday...replying to a blog post or teasing me on the OHS page. OR making me laugh on the phone...I miss him so deeply and talk to him daily during quiet times. Time eases the loss, I'm told...but so far it hasn't. I'm just getting better at hiding it.


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