Monday, March 09, 2009

Springy eyes are itchy and irritated...and I'm a bit sneezy.

Hello Spring time... or rather hello false Spring...We all know it's gonna get cold again, so why pretend Spring's here to stay?

Spent some time on Saturday at the Rumba on the Lumber--blues & chili festival. Met my sister and the nephews. We walked around. The boys did a few of the activities for kids and I had a delicious hot dog all the way with sauteed onions, pickle radish and chili. Yumm... it wasn't one of those cheap red dogs either. Didn't hear any Blues, although the nephews sang some when their Mom made them leave because she had to mop the kitchen floor.

Got to Al's around 4 and headed over to the IGA to get some beer and other stuff. Man it was so packed in there. I got some Amber Bock's by Michelob. For the last couple of weekends, I've been drinking either Slippery Dicks or Duplin Wine, mainly the Carolina when I drank my first beer of the day on Saturday..boy it was almost an awful taste. I was a bit irritated with my taste buds because it was such great beer drinking weather.

Al was off Sunday. We goofed around most of the day. I wore this really large over-sized men's shirt that comes down mid-thigh and sat on the steps with a beer. Al kept freakin' out about it. Like I care if the neighbor's think I don't have any pants on. Hell, I don't live there and why can't they get some cheap thrills on a lovely warm Sunday?

Close to midnight, Al informs me that we need to run to Walmart. Since I was parked behind him, we decided to drive my truck...and there was no one there. Now I know how the shelves get stocked... they do it at midnight. And here I thought little dwarves did it ...right under our noses! We had to go through mazes of boxes. Then Al decides to be silly by pretending to be a 'wig' know...white guys trying to be cool gangsta dudes: wearing their baseball caps crooked, bagging pants down past their cracks and walk around saying "Know what I'm sayin'..."... except his tee shirt was too short, so when he pulled his pants down to expose ass crack there was nothing to hide it. He's pushing the cart, sayin' "Know what I'm saying" and doing that swag walk that wigs do.
I had to laugh for a moment, then remind him about getting worried about what the neighbors thought of my long shirt and me sitting on the steps. That at least I wasn't exposing my ass to hidden cameras in Wally World.

The weekend was pretty good though... A few times I thought of Thomas and felt sad. I wish I could talk to him. Hear what he thinks on stuff I have to say...stuff that's in my heart. Stuff I toss out here...

Oh well...

At least it's sunny today...nice and warm...birds singing...flowering trees continues in spite of death. Hopes and dreams live on, even if only in the sky at sunsets or in the glow of the moon.

Enjoy this day... embrace it. I promise that it will embrace you back.


John said...

It's gonna get cold again?? No, please tell me it's not so. I'm getting used to this sunroof open, bike riding, shorts wearing weather, and I'm not ready to go back to jeans.

Painter Lady said...

I was right...cold weather hitting my area... not sure about your area, J.

Here's to staying warm!