Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I'm here. Really thought I would be able to write about Teez's funeral services, etc. Thought I would be able to honor him and our love with a post, but I can't. My heart is so full of sorrow that it beats tears.

He wrote this to me on Oct. 13. It was titled Another Goodnight. We had already exchanged goodnight emails.

Games are over, both the CHARGERS & the DODGERS won! Yay! Anyway, your last message has been on my mind & in my heart so I had to say goodnight one more time...not sure why I felt the need to do so.

Sherrie, do not doubt the validity of your womanhood. You are a strong, passionate, sincere, & caring woman. Probably have touched me in ways no other woman has both in passion & in your soothing, enchanting words. You are so smooth with your writings, I find myself spellbound sometimes & longing for more...the endings making me yearn for an ending that's soon to come, but never quite welcome because it only means I have to wait for the next one. I want to hear your voice again right now, the softness of it, the sweetness of it in my ear...

I want you to know that the class reunion matters not a bit to me, but OUR "reunion" of sorts has brought renewed energy & vigor into my world. I feed off of you, you feed from me. It works! We've shared so much & yet it seems the pot is not empty, there is more to devour of each other. There is more yet to explore & experience. Life holds so many surprises, some pleasant & some not so pleasant. This one between us is proving to be a precious moment in my life, one to be treasured, embraced, & appreciated for every second it exists! Thank you Sherrie for the YOU you've shown me, for the fresh "breath" you've breathed into my restless soul...

You are appreciated. You are valued. You seek & have found your validation thru me...savor it, & your life to it's fullest!

In so many ways, he has created the measuring stick that I'll use on future lovers...one that very few will measure up to...if any.

Connections like ours are so rare. A once-in-a-life-time-thing I fear. Maybe in time I can hope to find it again.