Friday, December 05, 2008

Saying goodbye

Tomorrow is the funeral. Tonight the visitation at the Funeral home. Would you believe my fair-weather-friend Bonnie is driving me up there? She's called several times a day this week to check on me. I never would have believed it possible. I really am thankful for her friendship and now see her with different eyes.

Here is his obit link from the funeral home site. I left a condolence on behalf of our class. You can click on his name in the Obit list. Thomas loved attention. And would be glad I left this link for my readers.

Thomas wrote this as a reply to a blog post on my myspace page about What's really important about Living. Please read it and take to heart his words:

"Living" as I see it involves TIME, more than love but not excluding it. TIME spent with those you love, those you truly care about, even a distant neighbor wants TIME from those around them. Completely "centered" in our lives is this yearning to be part of someone's TIME. When all is said & done, all we have is our TIME & it is precious. There always seems to be very little of it to go around, but it's about prioritizing that time to include what's REALLY important. The TIME taken to stop & browse a book when in a store, the TIME taken to say yes to a freind's invitation to lunch even though we know we have other things to do. Special TIMES taken to go visit a person you've not seen in's all about TIME.

When we leave this Earth, all we will carry with us is the legacy of how we spent our TIME. All anyone will remember of our lives is how we shared our TIME with them, if we did at all. Treasure TIME as if a precious diamond, unique yet so giving when shared. Touch those you love with TIME...

So if you are reading this, please live like Thomas...grabbing each day and making it yours. Keeping in mind that life and love are short and should be embraced. Find time for the people you love, because that is what is left behind...the memory of time spent together. Believe in positive thinking and never give up on yourself and life.

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