Wednesday, February 28, 2007

happy Nooner

Wow, for a moment I was distracted by David Cassidy. Naturally the song "I think I love you" is playing in my head. Let's wish for the best that I'll be able to blog coherently with his voice making whoopie in my brain.

Jeezzz... how dramatic is that?

It's been a nice for days here in ole L'ton. Mild weather and the buttercups are blooming. So far no tulips but give them another week. I feel alive today. And am happy no winter storms are raging. According to our Mayor...who dropped by to pick up his photo order this morning..there will be March storms. I wanted to point out that the ground hog had predicted an early spring, but figured I shouldn't contradick..I mean dict the leading political figure in L'ton...especially before he hands me his check.

I dropped my cell phone in the parking lot this morning came apart. I put it together but fear I will have to purchase a new one. Guess that's one way to find an excuse to buy a new one.

The courthouse is a block from the studio. I can hear part of phone conversations from people who have just gotten out of court, discussing their 'trash' with someone on their cell phones. Right now there's a chick dissing her baby's daddy for not paying child support. She's sitting in her car parked in front of the studio and talking loudly to someone on the phone. The door's open and every word she says or rather semi-screams because her cell phone reception sucks floats through the glass and into the studio.

Been rather busy this past week and weekend, so I haven't had time to blog. Sorry about that. I'm sort of happy that life keeps me busy. I remember a time when all I did was spend time online goofing off.

I'm a member of an adult community that has blogs. When I feel sexy, I blog something erotic. Since I suffer from time restraints, I don't go through all the blogs, just the ones that are sexy. As with any community, there are clutters of bloggers who regularly comment on each others' posts and discuss each other between them. So far, I've managed to stay out of that, because as usual with opinionated people there is arguing and fighting. It reminds me of some of my early yahoo days and I look back now and am a bit ashamed. Makes me want to email one person whom I had hard feelings at for years and apologize. I bet she would shit, so I won't do it, but then again, I just may if I feel an urgency to do so. I do think that if we hadn't of gotten off on the wrong foot, we might have been friends.

There is one thing I did do a few weeks ago. Made peace with Doug. It's part of forgiving others who have caused pain. How else will you be able to enjoy a life rich with love, if you don't purge your soul of bad karma? We're not friends, but we arent' enemies either. I think we can co-exist in this world knowing that there is proper closure to the end of our 'relationship/friendship'.

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