Friday, May 08, 2009

Here and here again

I am ashamed I haven't blogged in ages. I'm sure my readers have moved on to greener blog pastures. I'm alone tonight and figured I would drop by with some news, yet I hardly know where to start.

Today was a wonderful day. I was lucky to find myself on a field trip to the Riverbanks zoo with Ben's 2nd grade class. If you recall I went with William's class two years ago. William came along on this one just like Ben tagged along on his trip. This time William did great...he controlled his boredom and we were able to really enjoy the exhibits.

The funniest part of the whole trip was when we went into one section that had little monkeys in it... the Spider Monkeys were doing a porn flick and I noticed a lady walking by with her hands covering her small child's eyes. Ben noticed her actions and turned to me to say ""Aunt Sherrie, doesn't she like it when monkeys wrestle?"

Oh boy... I had to contain a laugh that wanted to spring out loud and clear. Kids say funny things. We had so much fun. Ben loves Animals as much as I do. The penquins were the coolest...and the brown bear and the sea lion and the birds and the flamingo and the giraffe...ok...the whole zoo was cool.

About a week ago I took up the carpet in my bedroom and am now using the original hard wood flooring. I can tell a difference with my allegeries. I don't wake up all congested. I changed the room about and feel a bit of a revival of spirit. My class reunion planning has been so stressful. It's May 30 and people are just now responding even though I asked for money and RSVP's to be turned in by April 15. I've had to call, beg and finally get a bit angry with the procrastinators. When it's all over, I know I'll feel a bit's consumed me since August.

I'm still missing Teez but am better about it. The hardest part is planning the reunion without him. He wanted so badly not to be on the memory table. Instead of a program booklet, I'm doing an old-fashioned school newspaper. He was the editor of it our senior year and did drawings for it. I scanned them and will use them in his honor. I think he would love this...he so wanted to be a part of the planning and all. He was a great listener and encourager. I miss that.

Some days I feel as if I'll never return to being Shere..Sherrie...Fairy..Carnie...maybe I won't ever truly be who I once was. All I can hope for is that the side of me he brought out so vividly will find a way to return...and be that bright starlight he so loved.

Things with Al are status quo. Hopefully I'll find time to get back here and blog soon.

I miss all of you.


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