Thursday, May 21, 2009

9 More Days

So far I've gotten through our prom nights, my family reunion and the nephews' field trips...all that's left is the class reunion.

9 more days. May 30th!

Then I hope my life returns back to me to do as I feel like doing.

It's been a stressful six months... and I am so ready to find me again.

The reunion plans are falling into place. I've got 50 paid people (30 class/20 dates)...maybe a few more to add on Tues. Know what's ironic? Bon my ex-fair-weather friend hasn't paid her money. Everyone knows she's the one who pushed this reunion and she fell through the cracks in the planning of it and now she's gonna pretend to be a victim of 'high school antics' and not come to the reunion.

To be honest I hope she doesn't. She's been nothing but a headache these last few months. Changing things said to suit her purpose, telling half-truths and draining energy of all around her. I had a feeling we would end up like non-friends. But I'm ok with it. I was more of a friend to her than she was to me. And my life will be less stressful with her out of the picture.

May 30 will be 6 months since I last spoke to Thomas. I still miss him so much.

But anyways...thought I would post and let my readers know I am alive. If I have any readers left and I promise to catch up on email to Bob, Steve, J and others. Sorry about the silence. But my engery focus has been elsewhere.

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John said...

I understand. You've been consumed with this reunion thing and trying to do the best job you can with it. I think it's pretty cool that you've gotten so involved. It will all pay off in the end, and then you can breathe again.

Me, I'll be doing a charity ride for the American Diabetes Assn. that same day.