Monday, August 31, 2009

I actually feel like blogging!

A very urgent feeling overcame me just now... Blog! So I am. Although I have a gob of work to do.

Been fighting a respiratory bug. These things always start out as head congestion and end up in my chest--I'm running on 70%. I blame it on the Crepe Myrtles. It seems I get something every year when they bloom.

Things have been going ok. The nephews are back in school. So far William loves the Christian School. Ben has a good teachter this year--one of William's old ones. He will have to deal with EOGs this year.

He came up with a great excuse not to get into the shower on Friday night... he said, "But it smells like BUTT in there."

This coming Saturday will be fun. Michele is hosting another Murder Mystery party..this one is called "Trailer Trash Tragedy." I play the 'mother hen' of the trailer park-Fanny Mason. She snoops and gossips. Oh what fun. Don't think I mentioned the last one.. it was in July. It was called Murder in Margaritaville. Set in the 80's at a bar in the Keyes. We had so much fun. Michele has pictures and I'll try to get them this weekend. Al even participated. He placed a gambler "Otto Getmore" and I played the hippie/artist "Sunny Daze"--a nickname that I won't live down for a long time. When we got there, everyone was in character and that's how we introduced ourselves. After the mystery was over, we went around and re-introduced ourselves. If you've never done one of these and get the chance, I say do it.

We've got some major rain today. I hope all my readers are doing great. Stay safe.


John said...

butt...depending on whose it is, BUTT can smell pretty damn good ;)

Stephen B said...

Yeah, dogs never seem to mind the smell of butt.

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Miyako Jisc said...

I will try to activate write my blog,, so I hope I feel like blogging, too. Today, the first time I have blog.